Calhoun County Recycling and Solid Waste - Everyone can play a role in keeping waste out of landfills by following the principals of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Finding a way to reduce the amount of waste produced is the first step, as it saves natural resources, protects the environment, and will save money in the long run.

  • Marshall Recycle Center - Sorted materials may be dropped off at this location.
  • C&C Landfill Program - Effective June 27, 2023 all C&C Landfill Recycling Center passes will be issued directly through Calhoun County's Community Development Program.  Residents will be able to apply online through the website Calhoun County Recycling.  If residents do not have access to computers or the internet, they may call 269-969-6395 and request a pass over the phone.  Residents can access the recycling center for free.  This program is limited to residential recycling and all participants must have a program card to recycle for free.  Additionally, the passes will be updated soon and distribution of the new passes will be through the postal service.






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