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The Marengo Fire Department provides fire and rescue public safety services covering Marengo Township, Lee Township and Eckford Township in Michigan. We provide mutual aid to our surrounding fire districts. Fire Engine 11 purchased in 2020 is working wonderfully. The truck carries equipment for structure fires and vehicle extrication along with water.

Burn Permits may be requested by calling Art Blight at (517) 494-0142.

Smoke detectors are available to be installed in your home free of charge if you are in need of this very valuable life saving device.  Call Art Blight (517) 494-0142 for smoke detectors and batteries.

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2021 New Fire Truck and Personnel
Township Supervisor Dave Fountain (left), Firefighter Chris Snook and Fire Chief Art Blight in front of the new fire truck.

New Fire Truck Purchased

The new fire truck in service since May 2021 is the first truck the township has had that holds four people and has substantially more features. The township now has five fire trucks and 18 firefighters. Township Fire Chief Art Blight said the cost of the fire truck was $487,000 and that he thinks the investment will be of benefit for his crew and the community as this truck will have longevity and won't need the maintenance done until long down the road. The truck should serve the community for 20-25 years.

Photo courtesy of Advisor-Chronicle.

Fire Truck

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