Beginning March 1st all real property taxes must be payed to Calhoun County Treasurer at 315 West Green Street in Marshall.  Personal Property must be paid Township Treasurer.

For Personal Property make checks payable to Marengo Township.  Check must clear bank or receipt is void.  No credit cards accepted. 

There is a green drop box on West side or black drop box in front of town hall.  To request a receipt, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Tax information: BS&A Online
Calhoun County: GIS Property Lookup


Daniel Slone, Assessor
Carl Fowler Jr., Deputy Assessor

20 Percent of all properties will be visited starting in the summer months per the State of Michigan requirement. The information on your property record card will be verified to ensure everything is correct. occasionally a pole barn, garage, etc. may need to be measured if your measurements aren't correct. If you have an issue with a visit or you would like to request that no one visits your property, call (269) 781-8422. You may measure your own buildings and give us the measurements. This allows us to make sure you aren't being assessed for anything you don't currently have on your property.

Assessor Policies

Taxpayer Access to Assessors Office

Poverty Exemption Application - Policy and Guidelines

Conducting Annual Personal Property



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